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4 reasons why Virgin Australia is the best for families

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A terrible flight with kids can really suck. Tired, cranky children do not make good tourists.

Some airlines know this and go out of their way to make families happy. We’ve tried and tested all the Australian airlines and found that Virgin Australia comes out number one.

Virgin Airlines flight with kids

We rate Virgin Airlines number one with families. Picture: Shutterstock

Here are four ways that Virgin has the edge when it comes to a flight with kids.

1. Sleep Aids

Virgin is the only Australian airline that allows parents to use sleeping devices on board. Sleep aids are inflatable cushions or portable leg rests that covert plane seats into little beds. Brands include Fly LegsUp, Fly Tots Bed Box and PlanePal.

Some airlines banned the devices back in 2017. But Virgin conducted a proper safety assessment and gave them the tick of approval. If you ask parents of little ones, these devices make a flight with kids far more manageable. 

So take your Plane Pal or Bed Box onto Virgin. Let your kids get some sleep on the way to the destination. If only they came in adult sizes!

2. In-flight Wi-Fi

Do your kids love playing Fortnite? Watching YouTube? Netflix? They can do all of those on board a Virgin flight. 

The choice of in-flight entertainment is so much larger when you have WiFi. 

For parents, it also means that you can catch up on the news from home, keep in touch with loved ones or continue to binge watch your favourite show. Trust us, this will be the best $20 you spend on a flight with kids.

3. Strollers

Virgin airlines allow you to take a stroller onto your flight as carry-on luggage. We checked. It’s fine.

“Fold up strollers/compact strollers may be permitted as cabin baggage free of charge; however, must meet the cabin baggage policy. The cabin baggage allowance is up to 7 kg per person,” a Virgin Airlines representative told Family Travel.

These are the dimensions your stroller must fit for domestic flights:

These are the dimensions your stroller must fit for international flights:

Virgin airlines flight kids baggage

The Silvercross travel stroller would fit perfectly onto the plane. It’s folded dimensions are: Height: 55cm, width: 30cm, depth: 18cm.

But wait, we’re not done yet.

4. Virgin also has little passports for little people.

Virgin’s “high flyer passports” for kids lets little children aged 10 and under collect stamps each time they fly. We all know how much kids love collecting passport stamps. Sadly in the next few years, passports will be used less and less. So this is a great way to keep that thrill going with kids.

Flight with kids Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airways staff are great with kids. Picture: Bound Round

What’s your favourite airline for a flight with kids? Tell us about your experiences on our Facebook page.

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