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Travel insider tips to find cheap flights online


These secret cheap flight hacks can help you to find cheap flights online.

It seems easy to book flights on the internet. Add in your dates, your destination and online comparison websites will show the cheapest and fastest flights. But, you can squeeze even more out of your flight search with a few little tricks.

We asked Webjet insider for a few cheap flight hacks that could save you cash. 

world's best airline

Qantas and Jetstar are great options for families flying from Australia. Picture: Shutterstock

Cheap flight hacks #1 – Switch airports

Different airports have different taxes. Some are much higher than others (we’re looking at you Sydney). If you are flying to another country, or a city with two airports, try switching the airport of arrival to find the best flight price. If you are planning to go to Europe – look at flying into Amsterdam or Rome rather than London. Try Paris Orly versus Paris Charles De Gaulle.

It’s not just the taxes you should consider. Also weigh up the transport costs from each airport to your destination. Sometimes the money you save on your airfare can be eaten up by the bus or taxi fare to your hotel. A train from Haneda Airport to Tokyo, for example, is significantly cheaper than a train from Narita Airport to Tokyo. You will be surprised by how much this trick could save you.

#2 – Break up a long-haul flight

Consider a stopover. It will allow the kids to adjust to the time difference and sometimes it can be cheaper to book multiple one-way flights than a direct return. Plus it allows you to see another country on the way. According to Webjet the best example of this is for families flying from Sydney to London. If you book a one-way flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong or Singapore and then another one way flight from there – it may work out cheaper because it allows you to access local budget airlines.

Air Asia

Air Asia is a good quality budget airlines. Picture: Air Asia

If you are looking at a large family trip, you may even be able to access Round the World tickets for cheap prices.

Cheap flight hacks #3 -Mix and match airlines

If you are flying within Australia, Fiji, New Zealand or South East Asia you can save money by flying one airline on your departing flight and another on your return. Webject calls these “mix n match” deals.

#4 – Plan ahead

Cheap tickets always sell first and fast. If you know you want to go overseas next year, you can set an alert for sale fares. Webjet also has a great function called “Deal Finder”. It helps you to find cheap flights up to six months in advance for both international and domestic fares. If there is a cheaper fare available on a different day or with a different airline, you can find it using Deal Finder”.

#5 – Be open to new destinations

If you have a budget and you want to stick to it, try using the “Where can I go?” tool on Webjet. Set your maximum budget and Webjet will give you a list of destinations that fit. Then use all the tricks above to find cheap flights.


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