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What kids really think of Walt Disney World Orlando

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi  I’m Lillian and I’m going to tell you why I love Walt Disney World.

Disney is the birthplace of dreams. And trust me, it is as magical as people say.

I’ve been there a few times, and I was astounded by everything, from the rides to the famous Cinderella’s Castle, visible from almost everywhere in Disney World, in Orlando Florida.

My top three favourite things about Walt Disney World are the firework shows, Tomorrowland, and Epcot.

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

Magic Kingdom’s light show. Picture: Alison Godfrey

The firework shows occur every Friday and Saturday, half an hour before the park closes. The fireworks are launched from a stage in front of the castle and are absolutely beautiful. Accompanying the show is music from all the Disney movies, allowing each to be featured for a few minutes. And if you look below the fireworks, at the castle, you can see characters of each movie projected onto the castle while their song is playing. In general, the entire show is a beautiful sight. You just want to claim seats a little bit before the show starts because it gets completely packed.

Tomorrowland, branching off of Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom,is a really cool place for all ages. Kids can go on fun rides such as the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, which is a blaster game that takes you through the world of Buzz Lightyear himself. Families with older and younger Disney lovers can ride The People Mover, which will take you around Tomorrowland in a cart. It is a calm, peaceful tour that will allow you to experience the full wonders of the area. It is also a very fun place to unwind and meet some fun Disney characters such as Stitch, The Incredibles, and Buzz Lightyear.

Epcot Walt Disney World

At Epcot you can tour the world. Picture: Alison Godfrey

And finally, Epcot. It’s a separate, cultural park at Walt Disney World that’s extremely incredible. The blend of cultures and how they are represented is amazing. It’s basically a cheaper way to tour the world and portrayed beautifully. Every area, every major country in the world, is represented by shops and restaurants, and even a few rides. One such ride is Soarin’, a 3-D ride designed to mimic hang gliding. It is one of the top rides in all of the parks. Overall, Epcot is a very cool park that blends cultures together.

In conclusion, Walt Disney World is an amazing place, with all of the gorgeous architectural structures, fun rides, and a magical world for children and adults alike. I loved it when I visited Disney, and I would certainly love to go again. The park is so huge that I’ve only been able to see about half of it so far. Basically, it is incredible, and so much fun that it is a perfect place for any vacation.

Lillian on the Star Wars Speeder at Walt Disney World. Picture: Lillian Cheskic


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