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About Us

Our Mission

Here are Family Travel, we’re focused on helping families get the most out of their family time. We make it easier for families to get out and explore more, experiencing the best of a destination, whether that’s down the road or around the world. It’s a scary thought, but parents only have 18 summers with their kids while they’re still kids. Our mission is to help families make the most of that precious and limited time together.

Our Website helps families plan holidays and things to do that their whole family will enjoy. We do this by sharing stories about the best family-friendly activities, events and destinations. And also share insider tips, reviews and videos from local kids and families. We work hard to offer great family holiday competitions and share the best family travel deals we can find. 

Our team understands that holidays are a sometimes activity for most people. So while we showcase lots of drool-worthy destination, wunderlust trips and luxury lodgings, it’s not all that we do. We also share tips and tricks for staycations, budgeting and money saving ideas as well as loads of free things to do. We love to share hotel and airline news and reviews. Sometimes we interview travel industry insiders or travelling families (check out some of our favourite Instagram travelling families) to share their insights. And we regularly publish travel news to help make family holiday planning easier.

Our Team

The team behind Family Travel is a small team of working parents. In and around researching and writing about family travel you will usually find us planning or heading out on a trip. Most of our team are based in Australia so you’ll find that we share lots of information about Down Under. We also have contributors in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East so we share local knowledge from those regions too.  

Our Founder

The founder and driving force behind Family Travel is Janeece Keller, who until 2019 was a proud PANK, but is now a working mum. Janeece has visited 53 countries (and counting). She calls Sydney home and has lived in Australia, Germany, England, Switzerland and Ghana. Janeece travels through her tastebuds, loves rollercoasters, getting up high for a great view and walking the back streets of a new city. She’s been lucky enough to fly first class but usually buys the cheapest, least flexible ticket as she’d rather spend the money on in-destination experiences. Her favourite place in the world is Copacabana beach on the NSW Central Coast and her spiritual home is New York City.

Join Our Community

Janeece hand-picks the contributors that work with Family Travel. If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch via this form.

Our Magazine

Family Travel magazine was proudly and lovingly put together by a team of mums, dads, kids, adventurers and lovers of travel. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve put magazine publishing on hold for 2020. Our intention is to resume print publication, once a year in 2021. To read back-issues online, click here.