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Cool treehouse accommodation for less than $200 a night

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Want something a little different for your holiday? We searched through Airbnb and found you can rent a treehouse for less than $200 a night. Each one can fit at least two adults and two children.

Baan Chom Dao (Huan Dao) Thailand

This stunning three-storey tree-house has been built around a pair of tamarind trees.

Treehouse family

This gorgeous Thailand treehouse fits a whole family. Picture: AirBnB

It fits eight guests in three bedrooms and has one bathroom. With Wi-Fi, hot water, parking, tea, coffee, breakfast and snacks you may never want to leave.

Price: $142 per night

Wallnut Treehouse Veroce Hungary

Surrounded by hills and close to the river Danube this cute Hungarian treehouse is built in an old nut tree.

treehouse hungary

This great treehouse in Hungary is less than $100 per night

The space has a kitchen, bathroom and heating for cold days. The village of Veroce is 35 minutes from Budapest.

Price: $97 per night

South Lake Brazil

Oh this is one treehouse you won’t want to leave. It’s huge. It’s not up a tree but trees are all around this house – including through the wrap-around deck. That counts right?

treehouse brazil

This treehouse is surrounded by jungle and it’s huge. Picture: Airbnb

The house has been integrated into the surrounding forest. It has four bedrooms, a dining room, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and shower and can fit 16 guests. It also has 24 hour security and trails that run down to a gorgeous creek.

Forest of earthly delights Tappen Sunnybrae Canada

This treehouse in British Colombia Canada looks and feels like the Weasley’s house in Harry Potter. It’s so large it fits 13 guests and has 1.5 bathrooms.

Canadian treehouse

This great Canadian treehouse is available on AirBnb. Picture: Airbnb

The treehouse is four hours from Banff and five hours from Vancouver. It could make for a great night’s stay in between.

Price: $180 per night

Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré Quebec Canada

Treehouse stays

Mont-Tremblant tree house. Picture: Airbnb

Not all treehouses are in the jungle. This little beauty, nestled on the edge of a pristine lake and protected national park fits six guests.  It has one double bed and two to four singles. Wood for fires, ice, propane and a battery pack are available for an extra charge. But note – these treehouses are off-grid – so no running water and electricity is by battery power.

Price: $228 per night


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