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Thailand is still great in monsoon season

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thailand monsoon season is not as bad as you think.

Most days it rains in the afternoon and that’s a great way to cool down. It may rain just once a day. As long as you are prepared, you will be find. And the kids won’t mind as long as there is a swimming pool.

Here’s a few things you can do in Thailand with the kids in monsoon season.

How to cope with the rain

 It pays to watch the local Thai people. Thailand’s rain can come suddenly. If you see the locals pulling on their little plastic ponchos or running for cover, chances are it will rain in the next minute or so.

Grab your umbrella or rain coat or duck into the nearest food area and stop and have a cold drink or something to eat.

If the weather gets unbearable you could always try some of more unusual local transport however I don’t think this taxi would be that great in a real monsoon downpour!

Markets and shopping

Thailand’s local markets are often undercover.  Check out the clothes ,tourist trinkets and food stalls until the downpour stops. Make sure you ask what days the markets are on on and also if they are tourist markets or food markets for the locals. Either way it is a great education for the kids to see just how different the Thai culture is to us.

Thai food is nutritious and delicious. However, if your kids are fussy it can turn into a bit of a mission to find food.We told our kids they had to try one new thing each day.  Eventually they will find something they like.

Join a cultural tour

Many resorts and towns offer local cultural tours.  We were lucky enough to have some traditional dancing at our resort where the kids got up and joined in.

Use the kids Club

If your resort has a kids club, book your kids into the club after breakfast. They will have organised activities to keep them busy and you can have a massage and relax.


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