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Virgin reduces fares for carers


Virgin Airlines have introduced a Disability Assistant Concession fare.

Virgin Australia now offer discount fares for carers.

The fare offers a 50 per cent discount for an assistant’s airfare for all domestic Australian travel. That includes business class and flights booked with points. The carers’ discount is applied to the base fare – so it doesn’t include fees and taxes.

Already booked flights? Don’t worry, the carers’ discount can be applied retrospectively.

Virgin says the concession fare has been made available in recognition of the many travellers using the airline who require special assistance when travelling.

Blogger Have Wheelchair Will Travel says the concession fare will make a significant difference to anyone travelling with a disability. In her blog she has a full has a full analysis of the Virgin Australia Disability Assistant Concession fare including how to apply and what is and isn’t included.

“Flight crews are obviously there to keep us comfortable and safe but there is a limit to the services they can provide, therefore the airline recognises the need for some travellers to fly with the assistance of a family member or support worker,” she says.

“Tasks like administering medication, assisting with bathroom visits and in the case of an emergency being able to apply an oxygen mask are not the responsibility of a flight crew.”

Of course there is an eligibility test. Any carers seeking the discount will need to contact Virgin Australia’s Guest Contact Centre.  The Guest Contact Centre will process the discount. Virgin Australia will use the Independent Travel Criteria to assess if a guest is required to travel with an assistant.

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