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Singapore Rugby 7s has a kids’ zone. And it’s awesome.


If you love rugby, and have a family – you’ll want to head over to Singapore to watch the Rugby 7s at the end of this month. 

Singapore has planned loads of fun activities for kids at the Rugby 7s this month.

The HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s returns to Singapore National Stadium from 28 to 29 April.  As if watching the top 16 nations battle it out isn’t enough – Singapore has added an incredible Kids Zone to get the little ones excited. The Singapore Rugby 7s Kids’ Zone will feature kid-friendly with rugby-themed activities, children’s programs and meet-and-greets. 

Here’s what you will find in each of the themed areas. 

The Transformers 

Get ready to enter the eternal battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. In the Transformers zones kids (and big kids) can attempt target practice, take selfies with their favourite characters and delve into art and crafts. 

Nerf Wars

Rather like rugby, to play Nerf well – you need to work as a team. Head through the archway entry and you will find a blaster testing facility and a battle and target practice zone. 

My Little Pony

Pony fans will be able to enter the world of Equestria. Once there they can meet their favourite characters including Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkles, Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack. 

Spartan Kids Challenges

Spartan Singapore has two activations for ticket-holders on site, including kid-friendly obstacle courses and fun challenges for the young rugby fans at the promenade. 


The funniest international children’s group, Superdudes will engage young ticket-holding fans in the promenade with performances and sing-alongs by children’s book creator, Stevie Nicholson and his special friends including Pencil Pirate, Flutterby and the cheeky Bubble Trubble.

Strider Adventure Zone

Children with ticket holding guardians get an opportunity to enter the Strider Adventure Zone and try Strider Bikes – zoom away. At OCBC Square, non-ticket holders with

children between the ages of two and five can participate at half-hourly rates on Saturday for a chance to gain instant access to the Singapore Sevens. 

Away from the designated fun zones there will also be ballon art and magic shows. Head to the chill zone for free face painting and relaxing manicure and pedicure booths. 

A girl has her face painted ready for the Rugby 7s.


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