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LAX airport luxury hack for economy class fliers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you have ever been through LAX airport on an economy ticket you will know that it is a special kind of hell. There is very little to keep the kids amused here. And you can spend a long time waiting for flights at your most jetlagged.

LAX lounge access

Entertaining kids here at LAX can be hard work. But we have a way to make it easy. Picture: Shutterstock

But, if you have ever been through LAX as a business class passenger or above, it’s nowhere near as bad. Why?

Lounge access.

Here’s a little LAX secret that will turn this airport into heaven for families.

At LAX,  A valid boarding pass can get you into any terminal, allowing access to some of the world’s best lounges – even if you’re not a member. Once you are through the gates to your terminal – look out for shuttle bus gates. That is how you can transfer easily to other terminals without going through security.

It’s a secret, most people don’t know. And it will make your airport wait so much better with kids (or even without).

Here are the best LAX lounges that travellers can access on a casual basis. Thank us when you are experiencing hot showers, fine dining and even a spa.

LAX lounge access for a small fee

American Airlines Terminal 4 & 5

At the American Airlines newly renovated Admirals Club, you can sit down for fine dining, grab snacks from the buffet, take a hot shower and plug into complimentary WiFi. And they even have barista-style espresso and lattes. Not just weak American filter coffee.

Cost: $US59 for a single pass.

Virgin America Terminal 3
In partnership with Alaska lounge, Aussie travellers will never go hungry. The Virgin America LAX lounge is a great place to unwind with a cocktail after a long day. they have a great snack bar and complimentary WiFi.

Cost: $US45 to access a one day pass.

United Airlines Terminal 7
Sit back and relax at the United Airlines lounge, where Aussie travellers can enjoy peace and quiet whilst consuming a delicious meal.

Cost: $US59 for a single day pass at LAX or through the United app.

Priority Pass access for a whole year

The Priority Pass is fabulous if you plan to travel through a few airports. For $99 you can get access to lounges all around the world. At LAX that includes: Air Canada in Terminal 2, Alaskan Airlines in Terminal 6, and the Korean  Airlines/Sky Team TBIT lounge.

Star Alliance membership

Of course, you can always buy a real lounge membership. Star Alliance lounge membership allows you to use any lounge that is part of its airline group. The Star Alliance Partners lounge is located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It has an outdoor terrace, views over the LAX airfield and the Hollywood Hills. Snack at the buffet, enjoy complimentary cocktails and refreshments.

LAX Lounge access

The Star Alliance Lounge has a fully stocked bar. Picture: Shutterstock

Qantas Lounge

Economy class passengers can always sign up to become Qantas Club members. That gives you lounge access even when you fly economy. The Qantas Lounge at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal is one of our favourites.

LAX lounge access

The Qantas business lounge at LAX. Picture: Alison Godfrey

Parents can unwind while kids enjoy the dedicated Family Zone with children’s furniture, toys and games. Chill out in front of the communal fireplace, while you enjoy something from chef Neil Perry’s menu – the spag bol is incredible. Qantas also has showers. Trust us, a shower before a flight will make you feel so much better. And it lets you get the kids into the pyjamas.

Private Suite (we wish)

The ultimate lounge luxury has recently launched at LAX. Private Suite gives Aussie travellers the opportunity to travel like an A-lister. The exclusive remote terminal is designed for First and Business Class travellers seeking ultimate security, discretion and privacy. Premium customers have access to their own private lounge and are able to skip queues and airport agro. It serves all commercial airlines

Membership is $US3500 for domestic flights and $US4000 for international flights. Fees that cover up to three passengers.


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