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Kid’s picks- why we love to travel

Travel allows kids to expand their world, to explore other cultures and to try new foods. Here six young travellers share their top kids’ travel picks with us.

kids travel picks

Why does it always take so long to start boarding? Picture: Shutterstock


The best holiday I went on was a trip to the Philippines. I loved it because it was my first time overseas. The people were really kind and I was surprised they could speak English. The Philippines is beautiful. In particular, I loved the island of Boracay because the water is so blue and clear. One of my favourite activities was island-hopping. We travelled on a traditional boat and went snorkelling, which was amazing. I hand-fed fish and the fish were very colourful. I also really enjoyed going on a motorbike taxi and trying a Filipino snack called taho. It was delicious. I love holidays because it means more family time. The next holiday I’m dreaming of is Fiji.

kids travel picks

Julian, eight, is dreaming of Fiji next. Picture: Supplied.


I loved my trip to America. It was the best because I got to see a real orca at SeaWorld San Diego. Orcas are my favourite animal and I had never seen a real one before. We were even able to dine next to the orcas and they swam right up next to our table. We also went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park and they were better than in my dreams. Another highlight was going to Cars Land at California Adventure Park – it was just like being in a Cars movie. Visiting the Grand Canyon was great too. It’s pretty cool to say I’ve seen something so amazing. I hope my next holiday is to LEGOLAND. I really hope to visit because I’m obsessed with LEGO. My suggestions to other travelling kids is to save up all your pocket money to buy cool souvenirs and make YouTube videos of the places you visit. 

kids travel picks

William pals around with Mickey Picture: Supplied


My best holiday was a trip to the Gold Coast. We stayed at Sea World Resort and we could just go into Sea World whenever we wanted to. I loved being able to see dolphins and polar bears up close. There are also lots of cool rides and shows. It’s amazing on the Gold Coast because there are plenty of theme parks and there’s a Sizzler. I was surprised by how much fun stuff there was packed into the resort – and we got surprised with showbags in our room! My highlights include going to Sea World, Movie World and Wet’n’Wild. I’m dreaming of going to New York City next. The reason I love holidays is because it’s an escape from everyday home life and always fun. 

kids travel picks

Charlotte enjoys a slippery dip. Picture: Supplied.


The best holiday I’ve had was a trip to the USA and the Caribbean. It was great because Mum packed in loads of kid-friendly stuff, including trips to Disneyland and Universal Studios. It was very special when it snowed on Christmas Day when we were in the USA. In the Caribbean, I loved making new friends and visiting different islands and doing fun stuff like climbing waterfalls and zip-lining into cenotes (sinkholes). We were able to experience a lot of fun first things, such as snow, a Broadway show and Las Vegas at night. My favourite experience was cruising around the Caribbean islands. My top tip for other kids is to always make the most of it. The next holiday I’m dreaming of is a trip to Italy. The thing I like the most about holidays is having lots of pool time and being with my family.

Keira plays an epic game of I-Spy. Picture: Supplied.


The best holiday I’ve had was a trip to Fiji. It opened up my eyes to how privileged we are in Australia. One of my highlights was when we went on a tour to a village and met local children on my 12th birthday because I learnt heaps about Fijian culture. We also enjoyed the weather and spent time at a nice resort.

kids travel picks

William enjoys Fiji’s culture. Picture: Supplied.

MIA, 12

The best holiday I’ve had was a trip to Hervey Bay. It was amazing because I went swimming with sharks and turtles – it was fun and scary at the same time. I really enjoyed the holiday because I spent lots of time with family and went to the beach. The next holiday I’m dreaming of is going to Cairns and staying at Green Island Resort.

kids travel picks

Mia hangs with a turtle. Picture: Supplied.


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