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Aussie staples in disgusting food museum

Sweden has risked causing a diplomatic incident by placing Vegemite and Musk Sticks in their Disgusting Food Museum. 

Disgusting Food Museum

Musk sticks leave a bad taste in Swedish mouth. Picture: Shutterstock.

Other entrants into the hall of shame include:

  •  Casu Marzu, a Sardinian cheese containing the live larvae of flies

  • Scottish haggis

  • American Root Beer

  • Cambodian fried Tarantulas

  • Salty liquorice from Sweden itself  

The pop-up Museum in Malmo is exploring the way different cultures look at food.

“Disgust is completely subjective,” curator Samuel West told the BBC. “Seeing your own foods on display right next to some rotting fish that someone else thinks is is a delicacy will challenge your own ideas of what is disgusting.”

Kraft’s factory at Port Melbourne produces every jar in Australia. 22 million jars are sold every year worldwide, but for every one that is exported 30 are bought here. 

Disgusting Food Museum

Aussies love Vegemite. Picture: Shutterstock.

Other Weird and Wonderful Museums

Weird and wonderful museums are always a hoot. These range from the Underwater Museum in Cancun to the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Tennessee.

Sydney has the Human Disease Museum, filled with preserved body parts. If you want a great rainy day activity you can visit the Old Umbrella Shop in Lauceston, Tasmania. 


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