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The top 10 tour destinations for families

Vietnam is the number one destination for families taking a guided tour according to Intrepid’s 2019 global tourism index. 

Intrepid Vietnam Family Tour

The index, now in its 30th year showcases the latest trends in the travel industry. 

Intrepid CEO James Thornton says how Australians travel has changed significantly in the past few years.

“Many of us are pacing more value on experiences rather than materialistic possessions,” Thornton says. 

“Families aren’t constrained to flop and drop packages and instead are venturing beyond the norm as they explore new destinations such as India Morocco and Egypt.”

When it comes to family travel, China and Egypt are rising fast. 

Intrepid Egypt family Tour

Walid teaching the kids about the history of the pyramids. Picture: Patrick O’Neil / Intrepid

Vietnam remains the favourite tour destination for families after experiencing a year of solid growth (up 23 per cent). Thailand has dropped to third place but Intrepid says they have seen a 47 per cent increase in families going there. 

The top 10 destinations for Intrepid Family Tours

1. Vietnam

2. Malaysia

3. Thailand

4. India

5. Sri Lanka

6. Cambodia

7. Japan

8. South Africa

9. China

10. Egypt

Intrepid introduced tours specifically for solo parents in 2018. We’ve looked at the stats and solo parents are a little more adventurous.

Egypt family tour

The Families at Abu Simbel. Picture Patrick O’Neill / Intrepid

The top 5 Intrepid tours for solo parents

1. Northern India

2. Thailand

3. Vietnam

4. Egypt

5. Morocco


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