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Nat Geo and G Adventures announce 12 new family destinations

Earlier this year, G Adventures and National Geographic announced a new joint venture; tours designed specifically for families. But these aren’t your average tours. Each itinerary showcases the values of these two major travel brands; responsible, educational, life-changing travel. They’re calling them National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures.

Exploring the sand dunes in Morocco. photo: G Adventures | National Geographic

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the itineraries come out one by one, but the final destination went live yesterday. Now, families can browse through all twelve of the itineraries on the G Adventures website.

The tours touch down in countries all over the world, from sub-saharan Africa to the lush rainforests of Costa Rica. The new family tours include:

  • 10 day Peru – starts and ends in Lima
  • 9 day Costa Rica – starts and ends in San Jose
  • 11 day Southern Africa – Cape Town to Victoria Falls
  • 9 day France – starts and ends in Paris
  • 9 day Morocco – starts and ends in Marrakech
  • 8 day Italy, Venice to Rome
  • 8 day National Parks Journey: Yellowstone and Grand Teton –  starts and ends in Jackson
  • 9 day Alaska – starts and ends in Anchorage
  • 8 day Iceland – starts and ends in Reykjavik
  • 8 day Tanzania – starts and ends in Arusha
  • 13 day Southeast Asia – Hanoi to Siem Reap
  • 11 day Japan – starts and ends in Tokyo
G adventures family tours
Spotting wildlife in Costa Rica. Photo: G Adventures | National Geographic

Every element of these tours make travelling as a family easy. Activities are planned with kids in mind. Hotels are chosen to meet families’ needs. And meals are designed to suit the fussiest to the most adventurous eaters.

Groups will travel with two Chief Experience Officers (CEOs), specifically trained to travel, teach and engage with kids.

G adventures family tours
Take a trip tp Tanzania. Photo: G Adventures | National geographic

We spoke to Amanda Dunning, Family Brand Manager at G Adventures, about why these new tours with National Geographic are unlike anything else on the market for families.

“National Geographic is so well known for photography and storytelling, wildlife and conservation, history and culture, and of course, exploration. So we’ve designed the activities around these themes.”

Amanda Dunning, Family Brand Manager at G Adventures

Each itinerary has loads of activities that delve deep into the culture, history and heart of the place your visiting. Whether it be a cooking class where you learn how to make traditional Moroccan tagine, or Venetien mask-making workshop in northern Italy, you’ll break down the tourist barrier and really soak up your surroundings.

G adventures family tours
Trying whacky foods is one of the joys of global travel. Photo: G Adventures

National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures are suitable for families of all shapes and sizes with kids over the age of seven.


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