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Etihad’s new on-board kids’ pack is totally wild

Etihad Airlines has revamped its popular kids’ packs in conjunction with wildlife charity Born Free. 

The airline has two onboard kids’ packs. One pack is for children under 9. The other is for older 9-13 year-olds. 

We’re not just talking plastic-wrapped colouring-in sheets. These packs are collector’s items. They also make great travel backpacks. 

Ethiad kids packs

Ethiad’s kids’ packs are outstanding. Picture: Ethiad.

On inbound flights to Abu Dhabi, the under 9 kids’ pack contains an activity booklet, crayons, card games and a colour-in mask. On the outbound flight, the bag has a unique suitcase board game which allows parents and children to play together, a foam version of Boo the Panda, colour-in postcards, crayons, and a handy waterproof travel wallet.

Etihad’s older kids’ packs have been refreshed to look more mature. Because we all know tweens really want to seem grown up and “not babyish”. The ocean-themed bags now include Sudoku, mazes, lined notes and join-the-dot games. These packs also contain a pencil case, pencil, a dual-function bookmark and ruler, and a notepad.

Etihad kids packs

The little kids pack from Etihad Airlines. Picture: Etihad

Etihad introduced Flying Nannies in 2013 to give parents an extra set of hands and more personal time on board. The nanny service is available on all long-haul flights. They play games and keep the children entertained. 

If you do have a child that can simply plug in and fly – Etihad also has a dedicated “Just for Kids” section on the inflight-entertainment system. 


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