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How to make an Easter hat in 10 easy steps

Need an Easter hat for your school’s Easter Parade? Maybe you just love getting in the festive spirit. For craft lovers and anyone looking forward to the arrival of the Easter bunny, this is a perfect family activity.

We love Easter and glitter just as much as you, so we made a hat of our own – follow these Easter Hat Hacks and watch our video.

What you’ll need to make an Easter hat:

• Hat (we picked a glitter hat)

• Bunny ears

• Decorations (maybe some glitter eggs or fluffy chicks)

• Craft glue

• Marker

• Scissors

a silver glitter easter hat complete with pink bunny ears and small easter eggs and toy chicks around the brim
Tag us in pics of your easter hat

How to make an Easter hat

1. Start by laying everything out on your kitchen bench or table.

2. Use a thick texta to mark evenly-spaced spots around the brim of the hat. This will help you space out your decorations when you glue them on.

3. On the inside of the hat, mark where to cut your ear holes. Draw a vertical line towards the top of the hat on either side.

4. Cut along the vertical lines to make ear holes. Ask an adult to help with this part as it can be tricky.

5. Pull the bunny ears through the holes. This requires a bit fiddling.

6. Start gluing your decorations on. You might like to alternate between the fluffy chickens and glitter eggs. Or pick a decoration of your own!

7. Continue gluing around the brim of the hat.

8. Hold the decorations down until the glue dries.

9. Get an adult to help staple down the feet of the chicks so they stay on.

10. As soon as the glue is dry, your Easter Hat is ready for action.

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