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Catriona Rowntree’s top places to travel with kids in Australia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Catriona Rowntree is an experienced traveller. Both for her job and for fun with her family. We asked her about her favourite places to travel with kids in Australia.

Pool, cabana and palm trees at Hamilton Island resort

Hamilton Island resorts are perfect with littlies Picture: Kevin Gibbons

At number one Catriona and her family picked The Whitsundays, particularly Hamilton Island and  Thursday Island

Catriona loves the Whitsundays because it keeps the kids busy all day long.

“You have lots of different things to do and thankfully very few of them require a phone or an iPad or Wifi,” she says.  

The Rowntree family is planning a trip to Hamilton Island soon. The boys are now old enough to go kayaking around the islands.

“My boys absolutely love snorkelling, swimming and fishing. In that part of the world, you can swim all year round.”

On land, the Rowntree’s favourite activities include Go Karting and Mini Golf.

“It’s the simple things, nothing fancy. My boys absolutely love to be active.”

Which explains her second choice – Mount Buller in Victoria.

Top places to travel with kids Australia

Mount Buller Victoria is great for families. Picture: Shutterstock

Catriona grew up in NSW and spent her childhood skiing at Thredbo. But as a Victorian these days, she has embraced the slopes south of the border.

“The kids go to ski school in the morning and in the middle of the day we have toasties and hot chocolate then we spend the whole afternoon and night, because they have night skiing, together.”

At number three on her list of the best places to travel with kids, Catriona has The Kimberley.  

“Every day finding new waterfalls to swim at everyday fishing, every day hiking to see ancient Aboriginal rock art,” Catriona says.

The Rowntree family began and ended their Kimberley road trip in Broome and say that’s a great way to do it. Broome has loads of markets, great food and stunning beaches.  

Top places to visit with kids Australia

Off road in Western Australia, Broome. Catriona Rowntree says the Kimberley is a great place to take kids. Picture: Shutterstock

Number four, and the last Aussie destination is Darwin.

“Personally I have to say the jumping croc cruise on the Adelaide River is one of the best cruises I have ever done,” Catriona says. “Massive crocs jump out of the water. The boys were in awe. I think there is something so rewarding about being amazed by nature.”

Crocodile jumping out of water in Adelaide River, Kakadu, Australia

Crocodile jumping out of water in Adelaide River, Kakadu, Australia. Picture: Shutterstock

That’s a huge call. Catriona is currently writing a book about the best cruises in the world. We will have to wait until February to see if the jumping croc cruise makes the list.

Catriona Rowntree is an ambassador for Travel Card, a travel insurance brand that offers instant payments.


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