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These airlines let you order birthday cake

A long haul flight isn’t the best way to spend your birthday. But some airlines ease the pain by offering cake. 

birthday cake

You can order birthday cake on some airlines. Picture: Shutterstock

Emirates lists birthday cake on their special menu.  To get the perk, you will need to order it at the time of booking. 

“Some of our passengers may wish to celebrate a special occasion on board an Emirates flight. Celebration cakes can be ordered at the time of booking,” the Emirates website says.

 Korean Airlines offers “Anniversary Cake” on its special menu. You can order a cake for free on flights departing from Korea. 

“Cakes for birthdays or honeymoons are offered to flights departing from Korea and will be provided during only one segment of an entire trip,” the website says. 

Cathay Pacific also has birthday cake – at a price of $38.

We’ve also been reliably informed that Singapore Airlines lets you order birthday cake too. 

Don’t expect candles though. You will just have to pretend. No flames are allowed on board. 


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