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Airport change you need to know

If you have ever had to deal with the hassle of removing all liquids, laptops, iPads, tablets and gels at airport security you will love this news. 

New ‘smart lane’ security being trialled at Melbourne airport could allow you to keep everything in your bags. 

Airport security

Imagine how great airports would be if you didn’t have to remove everything from your bag at security. Picture: Shutterstock

The technology, developed by Smiths Detection uses CT scanning to produce a 3D image of what’s inside your bag. 

“This CT technology is the exact same type of technology used in the medical profession to conduct scans of the human body,” Jordan Thrupp, managing director of Smiths Detection told Fairfax.

Mr Thrupp says he’s confident the new security scans will make their way to all airports in the next few years. 

Unpacking and repacking bags at security is a major cause of congestion at airports. It’s also a huge hassle for parents as you need to organise and unpack the kid’s bags as well as your own. 

“While the travelling public generally accepts the need for security in aviation due to the threat posed by those that want to inflict harm, that doesn’t mean it’s stress-free,” Mr Thrupp told The Age. 

“This technology goes a significant way to improving that experience for passengers.”


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