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One family’s epic USA road trip

Nick and Stacey Bell spent ten years living in Sunnyvale, California with their three children – Sophie, Annie and Emma. After a decade in the US, the family of five decided to move back to Australia. Before they left, they embarked on an epic USA road trip – in a 30ft campervan. 

The Bells recorded their journey on their facebook page – Bell’s on the move, Instagram and their YouTube channel. The journey has taken five months – and it is finally at an end. 

“One continent, two countries, two Canadian provinces, eight States of the USA and 9540 miles (15,353 kms) travelled in 115 days and we are officially back where we started,” Nick says.

The family are now on the final leg home. Before they arrive they spoke with Family Travel and gave us the highlights of their trip. Of course – everyone had a different favourite. 

Bells on the move

The Bells on their epic American road trip. Picture: Bells on the move

Favourite National Park
Nick – Arches
Stacey – Zion
Sophie – Yellowstone
Annie – Zion
Emma – Yellowstone

Favourite town
Nick – Whistler, BC
Stacey – Park City, UT
Sophie – Tempe, AZ
Annie – Moab, Utah
Emma – Bend, OR

Favourite hike
Nick – Angel’s Landing (Zion) & High Note trail (Whistler)
Stacey – High Note trail (Whistler) & the Narrows (Zion)
Sophie – Lassen Peak (Lassen) & Devils Garden (Arches)
Annie – Cinder Cone (Lassen) & Cascade Canyon where I saw my first moose (Grand Tetons)
Emma – Devils Bridge (Sedona). It was the only hike I did all by myself.

Favourite bike ride
Nick – Park City birthday downhill extravaganza & Whistler bike park
Stacey – Dead Horse State Park (Utah)
Sophie – Whistler crankworks scavenger hunt ride
Annie – Riding to Hermits Rest (Grand Canyon)
Emma – Dead Horse State Park (Utah)

Bells on the move

The Bells on their epic American adventure. Picture: Bells on the move

Favourite campsite
Nick – Upper Teton View Grand Tetons
Stacey  – Watchman campground (Zion)
Sophie – Upper Teton View Grand Tetons
Annie – Jumbo Rock (Joshua Tree)
Emma – Riverside RV Park (Whistler)

Favourite paid activity
Nick – hiring a Jeep and off-roading in Moab 
Stacey – Glacier Walk (Alberta, Canada)
Sophie – Adventure Camp (whistler), ropes course (park city)
Annie – Alpine Coaster (Park City)
Emma – Alpine Slide (Park City)

Favourite free activity
Nick – paddle boarding up Antelope Canyon
Stacey – swimming in the Boiling River (Yellowstone)
Sophie – becoming a junior ranger
Annie – art festival in Moab
Emma – tubing in the rapids on the Deschute’s River (Bend) & the Boiling river (I liked to go between the cold bits and the hot bits).

Best moment
Nick – sunset dinner in Lamar Valley (Yellowstone)
Stacey  – Nick says my best moment was being with him 24/7, but I’m going with paddle boarding up Antelope Canyon
Sophie – white water rafting with Camp PBC
Annie – meeting new people
Emma – seeing Bob the Bison and the bison swim in the river

Bells on the move

The Bells travelled in this campervan around America. Picture: Bells on the move.

Worst moment
Nick – getting the trailer & car bogged
Stacey – being stuck in Monument Valley for too long
Sophie – stuck in the camper on rainy days
Annie – Sophie and I fighting
Emma – there is a photo album documenting the many meltdowns!

Curious to see the route they took? Check it out below. It’s certainly inspired more than one member of our team to get a map out and start planning their own family epic adventure!

The road taken – Bells on the Move



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