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This is the best waterpark in Singapore

Planning to go to Adventure Cove waterpark Singapore with tweens? You need an entire day. 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

Adventure Cove waterpark is part of Resorts World Sentosa. If you’re staying on Sentosa, you can get there on the A bus. Once you reach Resorts World, go up the escalators and follow the signs past the aquarium to the waterpark. If you’re coming to Sentosa from Vivo City on the monorail – just walk out of the station, up the stairs and follow the signs around the SEA Aquarium to Adventure Cove. 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

The cabanas at Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

My biggest tip is to book a cabana. They cost $68  and are worth every cent in the sticky Singapore heat. We picked one near the lazy river, in an area that was a little quieter than the rest. The cabanas have a fan, curtains for privacy, a water fountain and a locker for your valuables. 

The lazy river here is one of the best in the world. It can be your transportation around the park. It connects every single attraction. You can choose to float on a clear plastic ring, or swim, or use a lifejacket to float. Unlike Wet and Wild in Australia, you won’t be told how to float or policed about how you sit on the floatation device. Just go with the flow. 

The Adventure Cove lazy river winds past tropical gardens, under bridges and waterfalls. The kids loved the cave section where bats hang from the ceiling and water drips from stalactites. When you float past the sting ray tanks, you can watch the rays press up against the glass and hover along the floor. The river also flows through a fish tank with some very unusual fish inside. 

Adventure Cove waterpark Singapore Sentos

Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa Lazy River

If your kids love fish, you should go to Rainbow Reef early. You can buy Express Passes for Adventure Cove, but we went on a Monday and the wait times weren’t too long. 

At Rainbow Reef, you can snorkel above tropical fish in a man-made reef. The kids loved spotting Dory and the sunken treasure chest. 

Adventure Cove waterpark Singapore Sentosa

Rainbow Reef at Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

Next door to Rainbow Reef you’ll find Splashworks. This was a huge hit with our tweens. To enter you choose one of two jumping platforms. Go high, or go low. Either way, you need to jump into the pool below.

Once you’re in you can climb over rope bridges, scamper up a rope climb to ring the bell at the top and walk the slack line or balance beam across the pool. The hardest challenge is Splashworks is the cargo net. It looks easy, but you will need tough feet to make it to the top. From the top of the cargo net, a huge tree branch extends over the pool. It’s covered in rock climbing holds and at the very end, you will find the bell. No one made it to the end while we were there. But many tried. 

Adventure Cove waterpark Singapore Sentosa

Splashworks at Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

The best waterslide at Adventure Cove Waterpark is the Riptide Rocket. Wait times for this were around 25 minutes on the day we visited. The Riptide Rocket is Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster. It’s a two-person slide, the larger person at the front. Once you’re seated, this waterslide pulls you up to the top. From there it’s a series of ups and downs. You will be surprised by how fast the up sections go. 

Grab a racing mat for the Duelling Racer. This quick giant slide pits two racers against each other in a time trial to the bottom. 

Kids will need to be at least 122cm tall to ride the Pipeline Plunge or the Tidal Twister. You can’t pretend and go on tippy-toes (My daughter did try). They check your weight and height at the top and you get a stamp if you pass. 

Both these slides start in the same place and twist and turn through dark sections and lighter sections towards the bottom. You can ride single, or double. 

You will also need to be 122cm to ride the Whirlpool Washout. This funnel waterslide twist and turns into a big pool below. 

Adventure Cove waterpark Singapore Sentosa

The Big Bucket treehouse at Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

My kids also loved the Big Bucket Tree House. You can climb over cargo nets, dump buckets of water on unsuspecting guests below and shoot them with water guns. From the top, take the big yellow slide all the way back down. 

The Blue Water Bay Wave Pool at Adventure Cove is fierce. The waves are a lot more powerful than I thought. My daughter figured out they were more predictable at the sides of the bay. I just waded in the shallows until the water went back to calm. 

Adventure Cove waterpark Singapore Sentosa

Adventure Cove Waterpark Resorts World Sentosa

For something a little different, climb the stairs to the Wet Maze. You will get soaked trying to find your way out. If you need help – you can always send a spotter up above. The Wet Maze has a series of high ropes climbs above. 

Getting there: Scoot Airlines flies daily to Singapore for as little as $199 one way. 

Staying there: The Shangri-La Sentosa has large family rooms, an incredible pool and access to the beach. 

Playing there: Adventure Cove is part of Resorts World Sentosa. Other Sentosa attractions tweens will love are Universal Studios, the SEA Aquarium and Siloso Beach. Check back with Family Travel for more Sentosa Stories coming soon. 

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