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The best $20 you will spend on a flight


Virgin Airlines’ in flight WiFi is a game changer.
Two films into my flight to Orlando, I feel the need to change up my entertainment. I’m over films on demand. I want to message family and friends at home. And then I want to watch Netflix and listen to a podcast.
And now I can.
In-flight entertainment screens on seat-backs in plane

In flight entertainment is no longer your only option Picture: Alison Godfrey

In flight Wifi lets you choose more entertainment options and allows you to stay connected to loved ones.

For families where working parents fly overseas it means it’s easier to stay in touch. You can message the kids from the sky. And you can work on the flight.

Families on holiday can now choose more than just films to entertain the kids. An internet connection allows you to stream music, play online games, read the news, check social media and video chat friends.

A quick scan of the plane shows the in flight WiFi is already changing how we travel. Just three months ago on my last long haul flight, nearly every single passenger was watching the in flight entertainment.

Today (yes, I am writing this story on the plane using WiFi) I can see a complete mix of entertainment options.

In the row across from me two people have their laptops out. One is reading the news, another is catching up on email.

In the row behind them a father works on his laptop while mum reads a book to a toddler. Behind me, two people are on laptops and one is on the phone. I am pretty sure that if I walk the length of the plane I will find a child playing Fortnite or Minecraft.

Passengers use laptops on a flight

Plenty of passengers are opting for in flight WiFi Picture: Alison Godfrey

So how does it work? In flight WiFi comes as an extra cost to your ticket. Click on the WiFi option on your phone or device and select Virgin Australia. You will be redirected to the sign in page where you can choose either 1 hour of WiFi for $8.99 or the full flight for $19.99.

The tail of a Virgin plane on the tarmac

Test out Virgin’s great in flight facilities Picture: Shutterstock

It will be the best $20 you spend on your holiday.

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