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Virgin airlines WiFi a big win for families


Families travelling on Virgin Airlines international flights  can now connect to WiFi for the entire journey. 

Flying on Virgin Australia? You can now have WiFi access for the whole flight.

That means kids can take their tablets and watch their favourite YouTuber for as long as they want. Mum and Dad can check social media and news websites – or stream movies and TV shows on their own device. 

Virgin Australia announced the change on Tuesday saying it will bring relief to Australians suffering from “net lag”. 

Research conducted by the airline shows 70 per cent of adults feel frustrated on flights because they don’t have access to the internet. More than 65 per cent of people surveyed also reported feeling overwhelmed catching up on emails, messages and notifications once they landed. 

“Most of us use our phone on a daily – if not hourly basis – meaning it can be incredibly disruptive to have extended periods of time when you can’t connect with friends, family, colleagues or that’s going on in the world,” Virgin Australia Group Executive Rob Sharp says. 

“We’re proud to be the leader in providing Australians with greater in-flight connectivity on international flights.”

That means the kids can take their tablets and watch people playing Fortnite on YouTube the whole way.

The move sets up a huge point of difference for the airline.  The WiFi will be available in all cabin classes. It’s a huge reason for families to book on Virgin Airlines. 

In-flight WiFi is available on all five Virgin Australia Boeing 777 aircraft. It will now be available on 12 Australia Boeing 737 aircraft. At least 75 per cent of the fleet will be fitted with WiFi by the end of 2018. All aircraft will be fitted with Wifi by early 2019. 

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