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Toddler-proof your hotel room with these nifty tricks

Hotel rooms aren’t designed for toddlers. But the good news is that they can be toddler-proofed. 

You need to pack some duct tape. Trust us – this could save your child’s life. 

toddler proof hotel room

Remove all furniture from the balcony to stop toddlers from climbing up. Picture: Shutterstock

Here are the best tips we have found from parents who have travelled with toddlers. 

  • If you have a child who loves to stick things into power points, cover them with tape.

  • Tape down any free electrical cords so the toddler won’t play with them – or bite them. 

  • Check the blinds – do they have cords? Could a toddler get tangled in them? If so – tape them up. 

  • If you have a balcony that may be unsafe, use the tape to block access. 
  • What else should you tape? The mini bar. Some parents say they also tape down the toilet lid. Others have told us they tape over the lock on the bathroom door so that children can’t lock themselves in. 

Toddler proof hotel rooms

  • You can also tape a blanket over the window to make it dark for naps. 
  • Pick up all the rubbish bins. You can put them on a shelf in the cupboard or at the far end of the vanity in the bathroom. 

  • Check the windows. Ensure they are locked. Remove all furniture from in front of the window to stop little climbers. 

  • Check the television. Is it stable? Can you wobble it? Could you pull it onto the floor? If so – push it back out of the toddler’s reach. 

  • Get down at toddler height. What could they reach? Put the sugar packets, tea, coffee, pens, alarm clocks and everything out of the way. 

  • While you are down there check for anything that could be ingested. Can you see any pills, buttons, tacks or batteries? If so – remove them straight away. 
  • Move all the bath products out of reach. 

  • If you have booked a villa with stairs, you can either bring your own baby gate – or block the area off with the suitcases or tape. This tip can also be used for blocking doors with access to a pool. 
toddler proof your hotel room

Access to the pool should be restricted. Picture: Shutterstock

  • Check the corners on the furniture? Are they sharp? Coffee tables can be brutal to curious toddlers. One tip we found was to bring a little bit of foam with you. Tape it onto any hard corners to avoid bumps and bruises. No foam? Use a wad of tissues or toilet paper. 

Some hotels do actually have baby-proof rooms. Ask them when you book. It could save you a lot of duct tape. 


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