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This brilliant travel hack will save your luggage

If you’ve ever had a bottle of shampoo or moisturiser pop open on a flight – you need to know about this travel hack. 

Moisturiser-covered clothes make the start of a holiday horrible. It’s one hassle you can really do without. 

This week the internet went wild over one traveller’s smart hack. Of course, he got the tip from his mum. 

We’re going to send a reporter on a flight with a bottle of moisturiser this week to test it out. 

More hacks for families: 

We love this hack from YouTuber TheJazzbandit13

If you want to hide a stash of secret just in case cash – use a chapstick container. 

When travelling with small children, airlines headphones often don’t fit their little heads. You can bring your own. Or grab a stack of napkins and wedge them between the headphones and the child’s head. 

Travel hacks

Might need to add some more napkins to this one. Picture: Alison Godfrey

Do you have a great travel hack that we should know about? We are going to add your tips to this story. Tell us your best tip on Facebook. 


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