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Pre-flight snacks just got even better

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Qantas is trialing a selection of healthy kid-friendly snacks at the Sydney International Qantas Business Lounge these school holidays. If successful the trial will be extended to other Qantas lounges in the October holidays.

Qantas business lounge food

Qantas has great healthy choices for kids in the International Business Lounge. Picture: Qantas

The pop-up “Kids Quisine” buffet  features a range of healthy treats including fruit skewers, veggie jars, pinwheel sandwiches, cold-pressed juice, gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and cheese or sausage rolls.

That’s a big shift for Qantas. In April, Family Travel had two children review the Qantas international business lounge. Most of the food they picked was high in sugar. You can read about that here and watch their Qantas International Business Lounge video.

But that’s not to say that treats aren’t still available. Let’s face it, everyone wants a treat on holidays. Qantas’ Kids Quisine station has a DIY-design cupcake and muffin stand. Children can decorate their cupcake or muffin with a range of toppings including vanilla icing, a selection of lollies and marshmallows. It also has kangaroo- shaped fairy bread. We know plenty of adults who will tuck into those too.

Qantas business lounge kids food

We know a lot of adults that will want to eat this. Picture: Qantas

Helen Gray, Qantas Head of Food and Beverage, said school holidays are an exciting time for young flyers and the Kids Quisine pop-up is designed to make their journey even more fun.

“We want the lounge experience to be as enjoyable for children as it is for their parents so a dedicated kids’ food station will help get their holidays off to an exciting start,” Ms Gray said.

Qantas business lounge kids food

Qantas international business lounge in Sydney is trialing a kids food buffet. Picture: Qantas

Kids Quisine is open from 11am daily until 21 July 2018.

There is also a Joey Club Kids Zone in Sydney’s Qantas International Business Lounge, with books, toys and activities. The Qantas Joey Club helps keep young flyers entertained before they fly and onboard, and rewards them with Qantas Points when they travel. Children aged 12 and under can join for free.


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