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Mountain Buggy Bagrider reviewed by a mum

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re planning a holiday with little kids and you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably come across the Mountain Buggy Bagrider.

We have been swamped with questions about the Bagrider. So we decided to test it out. With a real mum, and a real child.

This is Gus. In his Bagrider.

Mountain Buggy Bag Rider review

The Mountain Buggy Bagrider going for a test ride with Gus Scott. Picture: Meg Scott

Meg Scott took the Mountain Buggy Bagrider on an international trip with her 14-month-old son Gus. Her conclusion: “It was fantastic!”.

“I packed the bag with everything he would need for the flight. There was loads of room for all his toys, food, bottles, nappies, wipes, more wipes, outfit changes (for us both) and I even packed a full-size pillow in there,” Meg says.

The straps to secure a child to the bag are attached with a slide on clip. The five-point harness and seat attach over the handle of the bag. Turn a button on the back of the bag to release extra support wheels once you have secured the seat and have the harness ready.

“Then you just pop him on top and strap him in like you would in a pram – so easy,” Meg says.

The bag straps are removable, so the bag can be used as regular luggage when you are not travelling with children. Or when they grow out of it.

So how did it go?

“At the airport, we strapped him onto the Mountain Buggy Bagrider as soon as we got there,” Meg says. “It gave us a spare pair of hands and we knew he was safe and unable to use his new-found skill of running away.”

“He loved being wheeled around and we got so many smiles and people asking us where we got the bag and saying what a great invention it was – even airline staff were going crazy for it.”

“Once we got through check-in we wheeled him through the security section, which had a bit of a wait.

“He was happy sitting on the Mountain Buggy Bagrider, smiling and waving at everyone who was giving him attention. We had to take him off to put the bag through security and then he was right back on again and being wheeled to the lift to go up to the Qantas lounge.”

When boarding time came, Meg says she wheeled her son right up to her allocated seat.

“The Bagrider saved us from carrying him and made the start to a long flight with a 14-month-old just that little bit easier,” she says.

Meg recommends practising assembling the Bagrider at home so you’re comfortable with it. No one needs extra stress at the airport with a toddler.

“I would definitely recommend the Mountain Buggy Bagrider to anyone who travels with little ones,” Meg says.


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