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The ‘most powerful passport’

The United Arab Emirates is now the nation with the “world’s most powerful passport”. 

According to the Passport Index, UAE has a total Visa-free score of 167. That score includes 113 visa-free zones, 54 visa on arrival zones and 31 visa-required zones. 

The United Arab Emirates has the most powerful passport in the world. Picture: Shuttestock

Singapore and Germany tied for second place. Singapore nationals can access 127 places without a visa, 39 with a visa on arrival and 32 with a visa. German citizens can access 126 places without a visa, 40 with a visa on arrival and 32 with a visa purchased before departure. 

Australia is on power rank 7, the same rank as Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia and Malaysia. We can access 109 places on earth without a visa, 52 with a visa-on-arrival and 37 with a visa purchased before departure. However, our number of visa-free zones is lower than all the other nations on the same rank – meaning Australians pay more for access. 

New Zealand is at power ranks 6, with 112 visa-free zones, 50 visa on arrival and 36 visa before departure. 


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