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The most expensive place to buy coffee in Sydney

Sydney-siders love their coffee. But some of us are paying more for our caffeine fix than others. 

Expensive coffee Sydney

The Flat White is the most popular coffee in Sydney. Picture: Alison Godfrey

Popular order ahead app Hey You has crunched the numbers of coffee orders in Sydney, with surprising results. 

In Sydney, the flat-white is the top coffee order in all metro-areas with the exception of South Sydney. Down in the shire, they prefer cappuccinos. 

The cheapest place to get a flat white in Sydney is in the CBD. And the most expensive? That would be the eastern suburbs and the inner west. 

Here are the HeyYou Sydney coffee price survey results. 

Sydney CBD: $3.70

North Sydney CBD: $3.75

South Sydney: $3.85

North shore: $3.95

Inner west: $4.05

Eastern suburbs: $4.05

You may think that Sydney residents are filling their flat whites with almond and soy. But that’s fake news. According to the order data, 82 per cent of people in Sydney drink real cows milk in their coffee and 68 per cent prefer full cream. 

Almond milk coffee

Almond milk is more popular in the inner west of Sydney. Picture: Shutterstock

The most popular non-dairy milk is soy. Almond milk is the most popular in the inner west. Eastern suburbs coffee-drinkers also like to try macadamia milk or coconut milk. 

“Australia has an incredibly rich and diverse coffee culture, and this is reflected in the Hey You app, which has three screens worth of options you can scroll through to customise your coffee – everything from the number of sugars and type of milk through to the caffeine strength and additional flavouring (such as vanilla, hazelnut and caramel),” Uzair Moosa, CEO of Hey You says. 

“And yet despite the plethora of options available, the clear favourite continues to be the humble flat white with standard-issue full cream dairy milk. It just goes to show that while Australia tends to be a nation of early adopters, our coffee choices overwhelmingly err towards the conservative.”


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