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Airline puts BEDS in economy for kids

When asked what they want on a plane, most parents will say “beds in economy”. Now a French Airline has done exactly that. And these airline kids beds are cheap. 

Joon S.A.S. is a French airline based at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is a subsidiary of France’s flag carrier, Air France. Joon markets itself as an “airline for millennials” – those aged in the 18-35-year-old bracket. 

But this latest invention could see it secure the family travel market. 

Joon kids airline beds

Cosy Joon seats turn into a bed for kids. Picture: Joon

After takeoff, the head rests on select Joon seats – called Cosy Joon – can be removed and added to the base of the seat – forming a “legs up” bed for little ones. The armrests can also be removed and specially designed seatbelts can secure children as they sleep lengthways across the seats. Joon cabin crew will even add a comfy mattress for the kids to sleep on.  The bed measures 105cm by 76cm. 


Joon Airlines kids beds

This has to be every parent’s dream for a flight. Picture: Joon


Cosy Joon seats are made for families of one or two adults and two kids. You must ensure you are all on the same booking.  An adult must be seated beside the kids.So how much will this little bit of luxury cost? Not as much as you think. It is just €20 per family member per flight.Cosy Joon seats can be found on the 4 middle seats of rows 33 and 36 of our Airbus A340 aircraft.

Air France Joon kids beds

The kids beds are at the back of the plane. Picture: Joon / Air France

So where does Joon fly? Sadly, not to Australia. The longest route is from Paris to Capetown South Africa.  

Air France kids beds JOon

Joon route map. Picture: Air France


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