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World goes nuts over Japanese baggage handlers


Japan has the best baggage handlers in the world. Hands down. No competition.

A few videos have gone viral over the past week proving this point.

Not only do they stack to perfection, some also WIPE DOWN the luggage as it come off the conveyer belt.

Check this out…

Yes, that’s right – she is cleaning the luggage.

But wait.. this is not a one off. Japan really does take pride in how they look after airport baggage.

Ever seen luggage coming off the conveyer belt? It comes out in every direction, sometimes on top of other suitcases. In most countries, no one would care. Not in Japan. They make sure every bag can be reached with ease.

Every single suitcase is now in alignment.

But what about when you can’t see them? Surely Japanese baggage handles slack off then. Nope. Not all all.

Watch this guy stack with perfection as the cases come off the plane.

We’re told this is all part of the Japanese concept of ikigai – or reason for being.

We will take it. And maybe book our next trip to Japan.


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