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Where to go in Italy based on your favourite pasta

Italians are notoriously protective of their food, particularly when it comes to pasta. Each region has its own specialty, and the perfect sauce to go with it. Italians call this a marriage. Marrying the wrong sauce and pasta is practically a criminal offence in the eyes of an Italian. If someone paired a Bolognese sauce with a lamb-stuffed ravioli, it would be a national incident. Nonna’s would faint. Heads would roll. 

So, you get the idea. Pasta is a serious business. Lucky for families visiting Italy, no matter where you go, you’re bound to encounter some of the best carb-a-licious meals of your life. You just have to know where to order a tagliatelle and when to opt for a penne. 

Got a favourite pasta? Here’s where you should go to get it.

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