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Hawaii is still safe to visit


Hawaii tourism officials want the world to know they are open for business. 

You'll be fine. The volcano is a LONG way away. Enjoy your holiday.

Hotels and services in Hawaii have been suffering since Mount Kilauea erupted last month, sending lava towards homes on the Big Island. 

But Hawaii is a large nation, with eight islands – seven of which are unaffected by the volcano. 

“Visitors have absolutely no reason to change their travel plans to the Hawaiian Islands,” George D. Szigeti, the President and CEO Hawaii Tourism Authority says. 

Kilauea is located on the southern tip of Big Island. The lava flow is restricted to a small section of the island between the volcano and the sea. 

The risk of the volcano spoiling your Honolulu holiday is extremely unlikely. Honolulu sits on a completely different island, O’ahu, to the far north-west of the island chain. It is 186 kilometers away from Kilauea. That’s further than the distance between Sydney and Newcastle (162km) or Melbourne to Bendigo (152km) and there is an ocean between them. 

The volcano is down the bottom of the bottom island. Honolulu is a long way away.

If you really wanted to travel to the Big Island, Hawaii tourism tells us it is still safe to go. The island is really large. The volcano – which you can see on the map above, only covers a small area. Avoid that, and you are totally fine. 

Travelers planning a trip to the Island of Hawaii who have questions can contact the Hawaii Tourism United States Call Center at 1-800-GO-HAWAII (1-800-464-2924). Or check Smart Traveller for advice. 

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