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Hamilton Island accommodation by budget

Hamilton Island. It’s the luxury Whitsunday destination we all love.

Aerial photo of Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays. Picture: Tanya Puntti / Shutterstock

It can be daunting looking for accommodation on Hamilton Island. Should you go to a hotel? Book a package? A villa? How much does it cost? 

These are the best accommodation options on Hamilton Island by budget: from luxury to dirt cheap. 

Hamilton Island Luxury (for families) 

Yacht Club Villas

Imagine heaven. This is probably the closest on-earth equivalent you’ll find.

The Yacht Club Villas are comfort, style and convenience rolled in one. Expect stunning waterfront views, sumptuous furnishings and privacy. Each villa is fitted with a modern gourmet kitchen, separate laundry and multi-room aircon. Too bad there isn’t a golf buggy included. Oh, wait. There is. 

The Yacht Club villas span three to four levels and often have four bedrooms and bathrooms. This is the place to stay for a multigeneration or large group holiday. They also boast spectacular landscaped gardens that open on to the villa pool.

Pricing for a Yacht Club Villa begins at $1,150 per night.

Mid-range Hamilton Island accommodation 

Reef View Hotel

The Reef View Hotel offers stylish and family-friendly rooms, all fit with stunning ocean views. Your private balcony is located directly opposite Catseye Beach.

The Reef View caters perfectly to families with plenty of space for the little ones to run around, and two spacious bedrooms for when the exhausts run low. The accommodation is close to plenty of the islands restaurants, activities and entertainment.

Pricing for the Reef View Hotel begins at $570 per night.

Palm Bungalows

Palm Bungalows have sleek modern interiors, private balconies and landscaped gardens. These tropical cottages are a great choice for couples and families with younger kids. 

Palm Bungalows are fitted with a king sized bed and single divan. Each cabana also includes its own kitchenette and small entertaining space. 

Pricing for a Palm Bungalow begins at $400 per night.

Yes, you can go budget…

Whitehaven Beach Camping Area

You don’t need a fancy hotel if you’re at the beach all day. Wake up with the sand on your doorstep at the Whitehaven Beach Camping Area.

Whitehaven Beach from the shore. Picture: Darren Tierney / Shutterstock

The popular campgrounds are nestled among the woodlands behind the beach. You will need a boat to get here – but it’s worth it.  

Whitsundays Islands National park – entrance to the camping area on Whitehaven Beach. Picture: Olga Kashubin / Shutterstock

Families can explore the island and spot wildlife without the crowds. Paddle a kayak through the Whitsunday Islands on the Ngaro Sea Trail. Make sure to visit Heart Reef: the famous coral formation is worth the short boat ride.

Heart Reef: A Whitsunday reef shaped in a literal heart. Picture: Tanya Puntti / Shutterstock

Pricing for the Queensland campgrounds begin at $6.35 per person and $26.60 per family.

Dugong Beach Campgrounds

The campground, located at Cud Harbour, is perfect for larger groups who still want to be near the beach. It offers several surrounding walking trails to Sawmill Beach and other lookouts.  It’s also shady, dry and protected from the south-easterly winds.

Picture: Tourism Whitsundays

Dugong Beach can be reached by boat on a mid to high tide. Facilities include a composting toilet and picnic tables.

Keep at eye out for Dugongs and turtles, both of which are often sighted around the Bay Area.

Pricing for the Queensland campgrounds begins at $6.35 per person and $26.60 per family.
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