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Failing to switch your phone to flight mode will cost you

We all know that we should put our phones onto flight mode. But we don’t always do it. 

mobile phone flight mode

Always make sure the kids’ phone are on flight mode. Picture: Anurak Pongpatimet

One Irish passenger has found out the hard way, that failure to put your phone into flight mode can cost you. 

The un-named passenger contacted the Irish Times he inadvertently left his phone in an overhead compartment while flying to the United States on Aer Lingus and forgot to put it on flight mode. 

Weeks later, he was shocked to receive a bill for almost $300 from his provider AF&T. 

Aer Lingus. Picture: Krystian Zalewski

Aer Lingus. Picture: Krystian Zalewski

How did it happen?

AT&T told the Irish Times that the man’s phone had connected to “antennas installed on the plane that operate outside an unlimited international roaming plan” .

Each time the phone connected to an antenna, it ran up data charges. 


Aer Lingus said man’s huge bill was not their problem. 

“For safety reasons, before every flight, Aer Lingus cabin crew advise guests to switch their phones to aeroplane mode,” a spokeswoman said.

They could also purchase WiFi on board. 

So if you are flying overseas and don’t want to switch your phone onto flight mode – just remember, it could cost you. 


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