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Overwater villas you can actually afford

Overwater bungalows often come with a hefty price tag – but not always. It is possible to find overwater bungalows for families at a price you can afford. 

It may mean you need to shift your destination. Instead of the Maldives or Tahiti, try Vanuatu or Malaysia. But we have still found a few in the Maldives for under $500 a night.

Tahiti overwater villas
Tahiti overwater villas

You can also get an overwater villa cheaper by going off-season. Here are the cheapest months by destination. 

  • Maldives: June and July
  • Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea: March and April
  • Caribbean: May to November

And now… our full list of overwater bungalows that are affordable for families.

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