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This innovation will change roadtrips forever


Australia’s “electric highway” is nearly complete. 

The three year project aimed to place an electric charger near every populated part of the country. 

It wasn’t funded by the government, but rather from the pockets of electric car owners. Their aim was to complete a highway all the way around Australia and into the Red Centre in the shortest time possible. 

The Tesla owners Australia website shows the rapid pace of change with two maps. 

When the Tesla owners began in 2015, electric vehicle charging was limited to an incomplete East Coast route and South West WA. In May 2018, the Round Australia highway was completed with 400km maximum spacing. 

The Red Centre is now 100 per cent drivable with an electric car. 

Charging the car on a road trip.

What does this mean for the future? We can thank the first Telsa drivers for putting in the cash and the hard yards to make electric car roadtrips possible for everyone. Also, it could mean those roadhouse petrol pit stops will soon be a thing of the past. Towns that have electric power chargers could put themselves on the Tesla driver’s map. 

Now all we need is the price of electric cars to come down to an affordable level for families. 

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