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Book a stay in the VEGEMITE Villa

Does your family love VEGEMITE?

Now you can indulge your love of Australia’s iconic spread, by staying overnight in a VEGEMITE (Jar) Villa built by

The custom-built, self-contained Villa looks like a regular VEGEMITE jar from the outside and gets even better when you step inside. Complete with VEGEMITE furnishings, including a bed which resembles VEGEMITE on toast, eye masks, slippers, socks and an alarm clock – of course, to ensure that guests make their check out on time.

The Villa is fully equipped with power points and USB ports, to keep guests connected. 

Vegemite Villa by
Bookings for the VEGEMITE Villa open on on 4 December 2019

If you’re wondering what goes into building a Vegemite Villa, here it is:

  • If we were to fill the entire Villa with Vegemite Jars, you would need more than 31,000 jars or equally more than two million pieces of toast
  • If we then laid all of these out, it would be over 3km long. That’s the equivalent of three Sydney Harbour Bridges.
  • It took three builders, two sculptors, one scenic artist and a printing team to build this incredible stay
  • It weighs approximately 900kg, that’s approximately 20 kangaroos
  • A seamstress has created a custom-made bed quilt and sheets which looks like Vegemite on toast

Where is the VEGEMITE Villa?

The VEGEMITE Villa will be situated in the homeland of VEGEMITE’s parent company, Bega Cheese, Brogo, NSW.

How do I book a stay at the VEGEMITE Villa?

Bookings for the VEGEMITE Villa will open on on 4 December 2019 at 10:00am AEST, for stays from 6 December 2019.

Can we take the kids to the VEGEMITE Villa?

Guests must be 18 years of age or older to check-in and stay at the VEGEMITE Villa. If under 19, guests must be accompanied by an adult 25 or older. 

Only 2 guests at a time are allowed in the Villa. There’s no space for a cot, so infants count as 1 in the 2 guest policy.


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