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How to get up to 55 days off for just 20 days’ annual leave

The annual leave gods clearly look kindly on 2020. Thanks to a miraculous twist of fate, it is possible to get up to 55 days of holidays across next year using just 20 days of annual leave. Dreaming of a long weekend in the Hunter Valley or Margaret River Region? Setting your sights further abroad, with an April trip to Paris or a flop-and-drop in Fiji?

Fiji islands

Castaway Island, Fiji is a popular holiday spot for families. You could be next! Credit: Shutterstock

Finder have run the maths and found that Western Australia, Victoria and ACT can get the most time off. NSW and Queensland get the least. Luckily, everyone can score a whopping 16-day holiday over Easter and again over Christmas and New Year’s.

At Easter, head off on Saturday 4th April. Take Monday 6th to Thursday 9th on annual leave. Enjoy the Good Friday and Easter Monday public holidays and then take off Tuesday 14th April to Friday 17th. Bam! More than two weeks off! That’s long enough for a tour of South-East Asia, a trip to Australia’s Red Centre, or a cruise in the South Pacific.

Everyone can also get 10 days off with 4 days’ leave in December. Pack up and leave home on Saturday 19th December. Take off Monday 21st December to Thursday 24th on annual leave. Enjoy the Friday Christmas (25th December) and Monday Boxing Day (28th December) public holidays to round out your 10-day trip.

Feeling lucky? Tack on an extra 3 days of annual leave – take off Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st December. Then enjoy Friday 1st January 2021 New Year’s long weekend. All up, from Saturday 19th December 2020 to Sunday 3rd January 2021, you can get a 16-day break with only 7 days of annual leave.

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Make the most of Australia-wide public holidays for a long weekend away camping with friends or visiting family inter-state. Click here for a list of public holidays in your home state.

Check out the Finder website to calculate how to maximise holidays with as few annual leave days as possible, state by state.

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