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Better than Bali. Aussies rave about Bintan Island

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bintan Island is shaping up as the hottest destination in Indonesia in 2018.

The stop and flop island is just one hour from Singapore. And Australians who have been there are raving about it.

Club Med Bintan Island

Adam Fernandes’ nieces swim in the pool at Bintan Island. Picture: Adam Fernandes

Bintan Island is home to 13 resorts, the largest of which is Club Med. Tourist numbers have grown significantly as more people discover the island. In 2012, Bintan Island recorded 487,000 arrivals. That grew to 686,000 in 2016 and 800,000 in 2017.

Adam Fernandes went to Club Med Bintan Island with his sister and teenage nieces in March. He says Bintan was less chaotic than Bali and the resort had plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained.

“The girls loved it, they had a trapeze school they went to every single day,” Adam says.

That’s right – a trapeze school. And it’s included in the price of the accommodation.

Club Med Bintan Island

Club Med Bintan Island has a trapeze school. Picture: Adam Fernandes

Club Med Bintan Island is an all-inclusive resort. Adam says that made a huge difference. The family didn’t have to count their dollars on the island – everything was included.

So what exactly do you get for your money? Trapeze school, yoga classes, running coaches, tennis lessons, personal training boot camp, all food, all drinks and transfers from Singapore.

“We just loved the resort,” Adam says. “The girls did kayaking, they did aquafit in the pool, tie-dyed t-shirts, they did yoga one morning at 7am.”

“My sister played tennis a few mornings. They have a running coach, so she went with the running coach. Quite often my sister would go and do tennis while my nieces were a the pool or yoga class.”

Of course, hanging out by the pool is enough for many families. Adam says Club Med Bintan Island had two pools. The largest pool has a bar. The smaller pool is great for families with younger children.

“The girls spent loads of time hanging by the pool and they loved the fact you could also go down to the beach,” Adam says.

Club Med Bintan Island

The beach at Club Med Bintan Island. Picture: Adam Fernandes

“It was nice and relaxed with loads of space and plenty of sun lounges.”

Bintan Island is catching the attention of Australians following earthquakes and volcano fears in Bali. It’s seen as a safer alternative.

To get to Bintan, Australians should fly to Singapore and then get the ferry over to the Islands. Indonesia offers a visa on arrival service.

“We got an uber to the ferry terminal and hoped over there, it was super easy,” Adam says.

On arrival at Bintan Island ferry terminal guests can check in to Club Med. The resort staff will load the luggage onto a coach and transfer you to the resort.


Singapore is a great city to visit with kids. Picture: Shutterstock_ Kanuma

Adam says he loved Bintan Island because it was so close to Singapore. It meant the family could have the best of both worlds – a city break and a beach holiday all in one. If you plan really well, you could also add in Legoland Malaysia (just one hour by car from Singapore).

“We did two to three days in Singapore and the girls went shopping mad,” Adam says.

“If you have done all the busy stuff in Singapore it works really well to just stop and flop.”

Adam’s not alone in his praise for Bintan Island. Plenty of travellers have been posting pics on social media. Industry experts say the island could challenge Bali in the next few years.


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