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6 hacks that will transform your winter long weekend road trip

It’s nearly June long weekend time. And that means road trips, winter camping spots, cosy cabins and awesome bike rides.

If your car isn’t quite up to a road trip, you can always hire a 4WD or a luxury ute. If you hire the ute – you’ll have loads of space in the tray for the tent and all the camping gear.

Road trip packing
This is not the way to do a road trip. Hire a ute and free up space for a comfortable ride.

You can book a Toyota Hilux SR5 4X4 Auto Diesel or a Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4X4 Auto Diesel in the Avis Signature Series Luxury Utes range. Make sure you get the bottom warmers and inbuilt chill-box for extra winter comfort.

Once you’re on the road – follow these tips to make your winter long weekend camping and road trip easy, fun and comfortable.

The water bottle hack

Winter leaves you more exposed to the elements on a long weekend away. It’s important to stay warm at night, keep your perishables cold and stay hydrated.

Instead of bringing bulky, cumbersome hot water bottles and ice bricks, try using something you will already have – water bottles.

Before you set off for your trip away, freeze your water bottles. On the trip, they can keep your perishable food items cold, and you can drink them as they thaw.

On chilly winter nights, fill a water bottle with hot water and stick it in your sleeping bag as a makeshift hot water bottle.

DIY Lantern

When it isn’t keeping your food cool or keeping your sleeping bag warm, your water bottles can light up the darkest nights.

Simply strap on your elastic head torch to your bottle and the water will glow, illuminating your campsite.

Keep your camping trip charged up

Whether you’re using it to navigate, take photos of the scenery or watching a movie around the campfire, you’ll want your phone or laptop to stay charged.

Solar charger mobile phone
Easy solar power.

Invest in a solar powered charger you can attach to the roof of your car.

Organise, organise, organise

Pack what you need, NOT what you want.

Also, put the items you need last, in first. That way you won’t need to unpack the entire car to get to your tent.

Make your camping trip a culinary experience

Outdoor adventures aren’t always gastronomic adventures, but they can be.

Dutch ovens are one of the best and easiest methods of cooking when camping. No – we’re not talking about dad’s farts. A real dutch oven is simple to make.

Gourmet camping food anyone?

Dig a hole in the ground away from overhanging branches or dry leaves that may catch alight. Burn a fire inside the hole down to coals, place the iron oven on top and cover the top with dirt.

By covering the hole, the coals will burn slowly, providing, controlled heat for many hours. Once complete, ensure to drown the fire with water and make sure all embers, coals and sticks are wet.

Do not bury your coals as they can smoulder and break out.

Turn your car into an open shelter

Your car is, of course, how you get to your campsite, but who says it can’t be part of the campsite itself?

Attach a tarp or invest in a dedicated add-on to your car or Ute to create a shelter from rain, wind or sun for you to relax in before you’re ready to head to your tent for the night.

Road trip tips

For those who want to transform their road trip into a premium experience, the Avis Signature Series Luxury Utes is available across Australia at airports and other select locations. 

Both models will come equipped with leather accented interiors, climate control, satellite navigation and lockable load spaces, including a hard lid on the Hilux and a roller top on the Ranger.

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