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You won’t believe these Disneyland rules

Disneyland might be the happiest place on earth but it’s a tightly run ship. Did you know you can be kicked out for dropping an ‘F-bomb’? That’s understandable. It’s a family-friendly theme park, excessive swearing is not cool. But some of these rules really surprised us. Here some of the stranger Disneyland rules we found.

Adults are not allowed to dress up

Dreaming of the perfect family photo op in front of Peach’s Castle in full costume? We hate to burst your bubble but guests over the age of 14 are not permitted to dress up. This includes masks, unless required for medical purposes. Proper attire must be worn at all times. So that means shoes have to stay on all day and don’t even think about taking your t-shirt off when it gets hot. Clothing that drags on the ground is also prohibited, just in case you were planning on wearing your wizarding cloak or train dress.

Disneyland rules

Hoping to dress up as your favourite character? Too bad. Photo: Shutterstock

Selfie sticks are banned

Family selfies just got a whole lot harder. Selfie sticks and other hand-held extension poles for cameras are strictly prohibited. They will be taken off you upon entry and stored away for you to collect on your way out. They’re serious about this one. Our digital editor couldn’t even take her’s inside during a media trip. We’re not exactly sure why selfie sticks are banned from Disneyland parks. We suspect this rule is aimed to prevent selfie-enthusiasts from swinging their sticks around and knocking other people out. Let’s just hope someone in your family has a particularly long arm.

Large strollers are not permitted

Got twins or, god forbid, triplets? Let’s hope you’ve got two separate strollers. Prams larger than 92cmx132cm are not allowed in the park. This is probably more for the benefit of the parents than anything. Battling the crowds at Disneyland with a huge stroller is no easy feat. Strollers can be hired just inside the entry gates at most parks, for a fee, of course.

Water pistols are a huge no

Considering America’s current climate relating to gun security, this one is completely understandable. Any kind of water gun or sprayer will be immediately confiscated by Park staff and you may be asked to leave. This includes Nerf and cap guns too, obviously. If it’s a super hot day, you can splash your face with water at the various fountains around the park but for goodness sake, leave the water pistols at home.

Disneyland rules

Leave your water pistols at home/ Photo: Shutterstock

Do NOT feed the birds

Feeding any of the animals throughout the Disneyland Parks is strictly prohibited. If a hungry seagull is lurking as you polish off your fish and chips, you better protect those potatoes with your life. Guests can get into big trouble for giving food to the animals. You might enjoy having a swarm of birds flying all around you, but the family on the next table over may not be impressed when you summon every seagull within a 200m radius.

Cast members must know everything

This last one won’t affect you, but it’s an interesting one to know. Disneyland staff, always referred to as ‘cast members’, are not allowed to answer a question with “I don’t know”. Even if they genuinely don’t know the answer, they mustn’t utter those words. This isn’t the only ridiculous rule employees must abide by. They also have to use two finger when they point, always. And, perhaps the most difficult one to follow, cast members may be terminated on the spot if they break character. Even if George Clooney waltzes up and asks for a photo, employees must maintain their composure. Asking a celebrity for a photo could see cast members stripped of their crown, literally.

Mickey, Minnie and Goofy outside Disneyland California

Meet your favourite characters at Disneyland Resort California. Photo: Disneyland



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