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The best travel apps for families

Getting from metro station to metro station in Tokyo. Finding a personalised pasta-making workshop in Tuscany. Converting Aussie dollars during your Singapore stopover. There’s an app for that! Check out Adam Fernandes’ top picks for the most useful travel apps available to holidaying families.

Start downloading – these travel apps could save you time and money!

Using travel apps makes holiday planning easier, more fun and something everyone can enjoy. Credit: Shutterstock

Citymapper Transit Navigation (free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play)

Taking on the might of Google Maps and Apple Maps is Citymapper. It’s built for people who walk, cycle and use public transport. As well as directing you, it can help you save money and think more about the environment too. It uses public data from transport authorities to give users the fastest or cheapest way to get somewhere, with the option of public-transport routes, cycling and Uber journeys. It’s not available everywhere, but it hits most of the key European cities (London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona and Brussels, to name but a few).

TouchNote (free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play)

In the ever-changing digital world, there’s still one guarantee: grandparents will always love to receive postcards. TouchNote lets you do this from the app itself. You can customise it with your own photo and they will print and post the card for you. No more time wasted in search of a post office – hoorah!

mobile phone flight mode

Kids can get in on the action using travel apps. Picture: Anurak Pongpatimet

XE (free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play)

If, like us while travelling, you are always asking yourself what that price is in Aussie dollars, here’s your problem solved. XE is the world’s most downloaded currency app. In addition to converting prices so you know what you’re actually paying, XE lets you transfer money in 65 currencies to more than 170 countries, monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice, and set rate alerts and notifications.

Airbnb (free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play)

Airbnb changed our way of thinking when it comes to accommodation, and now they’ve got something else to offer: experiences. These are one-of-a-kind activities designed and hosted by locals. They take you off the beaten track to see the city through your local guides’ eyes – be it food tours, craft workshops or hidden beaches. Next up is Airbnb Adventures, offering multi-day tours!

holiday planning apps

Screenshots taken from Airbnb. Bethany Plint.

Culture Trip: Explore & Travel (free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play)

Explore the world from your phone and discover the coolest things to do wherever you are. Culture Trip is written and curated by locals, enhanced by travellers and designed so you can leave the heavy guide book behind. You’ll find museums, bars, beaches, hikes and everything in between. Create a family wishlist so everyone can save their favourite experiences and add them to the plan. And you won’t need to worry about not having data – all the content and itineraries can be accessed offline!

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