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Kids View: Top 5 activities in Kiama for kids

The key to a great family getaway is finding something fun for everyone; kids and parents. The parents part is easy, but to find out what kids really want to do on holidays, we go straight to the source.
We asked local expert Jade, 11, her top five things to do in the Kiama region.

Hi I’m Jade, I’m 11 years old and I have lived in Kiama for my entire life. I want to show you my top 5 things to do in the Kiama area. 

You will need a few days to do it all though, and it can be pretty exhausting – but it sure is worth it! Even though there is lots to do for kids, my parents had fun too.

  1. The Illawarra Fly is about 20minutes drive up the mountain. When you get there you can experience the zip lines through the tree tops or walk the suspended bridges where it feels like you are on top of the world.  If you climb the tower you go even higher and the views are awesome!  You can see for miles across the Illawarra and out to the ocean.
Girl at iFly

On top of the world at Illawarra Fly. Photo: Jade

  1. When you get to Minnamurra Rainforest you’re at the bottom of the mountain and the first thing you hear is the sound of the surrounding wildlife, especially all the different types of birds. The forest has a cool path to follow which includes bridges and places to stop and check out the native plants and flowers.  When you get to the waterfall it is really beautiful and a great place to take some photos. It’s so close you almost want to reach out and touch it!
Girl walking across suspension brugde

Swinging on the suspension bridges is so fun. Photo: Jade

  1. Jamberoo Action Park really is a place to go wild. There is so much to choose from, from going on the toboggan (my favourite), to the water slides, giant water playground, and lots of rides for bigger kids (like my brother). It’s easy to stay there all day long and still want more!
  1. The Kiama Coastal Walk covers 22kms. The Kiama to Gerringong section is my favourite. The dreaming poles describe the indigenous history of the area and make the walk that bit more special.  When doing this walk you can get lucky and see whales passing, if not, there is always something to see along the coastline.
Girl walking the kiama coastal walk Kiama for kids

Afternoon stroll along the coastal walk. Photo: Jade

  1. Learning to surf at Seven Mile Beach was fun! Getting up on that board for the first time was an awesome feeling. Getting a wipe-out, even if a bit scary, was also fun! The beach is huge we can all get to do our own thing.  I could spend all day there and never get bored.
Girl pretending to surf on beach Kiama for kids

Learning the basics before taking on the waves. Try Surf Camp or Gerringong Surf School for the best experience. Photo: Jade


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