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11 Instagram accounts for families who ski

Is your family getting hot and bothered by summer weather in Oz? Dreaming of powder and pistes? Cool down by peeking at some snow-themed social media. We’ve chosen our top 11 family ski Instagram accounts to inspire you to don the goggles and skis. Thanks to their awesome storytelling and photography, you’ll almost be able to smell the mountain air and feel the windburn as you scroll the family-focused grids.

Most of our picks come from the United States and Canada, as snow sport season is currently peaking in the northern hemisphere. Some have huge followings on Instagram, others keep it low-key when hitting the outdoors. We’ve included families of all shapes and sizes who seek adventure, as well as accounts you can follow for ideas for your next ski holiday.

1. LEGO Skier Bro – @legoskierbro

Sure, this isn’t a family ski Instagram account per se. In fact, its star skier isn’t even human. But it is certainly a fun ski page to peruse as a family. Follow this little yellow figurine as he gets up to all sorts of mischief on the snow. From Finland to Japan, @legoskierbro is quite the globetrotter. Take him along on your next ski trip by buying bits and pieces on his website.

For someone so small, Lego Skier Bro has a whopping sense of adventure and a head for heights! Credit: @legoskierbro

2. The Family Freestylers – @thefamilyfreestylers

Splitting their time between the Alps and North Devon (when they aren’t travelling, that is!), this family consists of Mags (Mum), Scott (Dad) and Minnie and Bo, two avid adventurers. Their Instagram snaps are astonishingly scenic. They advocate for sustainable eco-tourism and share stories about skiing with mild cerebral palsy.

Post-ski smiles as bright as snow! Credit: @thefamilyfreestylers

3. Born to be Adventurous – @borntobeadventurous

Annika, mum of two toddlers, takes the lead on this ski Instagram account. It is devoted to getting active with pre-schoolers in the Canadian Rockies. Although there is an emphasis on snowboarding, her shots also feature the odd rockclimbing wall and plenty of mountain-scapes. The adventures of these high-octane tiny tots are also documented on their eponymous blog.

Two hugging unicorns on snowboards – a rare sight on the slopes! Credit: @borntobeadventurous

4. Driftwoods Family – @driftwoodsfamily

The Woods family have recently relocated to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. While their outdoor escapades aren’t necessarily ski-related, they spend plenty of time in the mountain air. Mum Gina, Dad Matt and two kids code-named Caliper Kid and Purple Pixie all love hiking and urge families to grab adventure whenever they can. The muted green look makes their scenic photography a delight to scroll through. Their website has lots of free guides and tips for families looking to follow their intrepid footsteps.

Not bad for a new backyard! Vancouver Island mountains are like no others. Credit: @driftwoodsfamily

5. My Mountain Family – @mymountainfamily

We love the vibe of this no-fuss family ski Instagram account. Run by two neighbours, Erin and Jenna, it is all about bringing their families together, getting outside and having a good time in the winter air. It helps that they live in Sun Peaks, a bike, golf and ski resort in British Columbia. Pick up insider tips on biking, hiking and snow sports in the region.

Sharing a ski holiday with family friends makes for a whole new level of fun. Credit: @mymountainfamily

6. Coloring the Map – @coloringthemap

Tennessee-based mum Erin curates the postcard-perfect portraits for her travel-mad family. Their getaways are not restricted to ski resorts. The whitewash aesthetic of their Insta grid works just as nicely on beachy vistas and hotel interiors as it does on snow-capped mountains. Erin’s accompanying blog covers everything from budgeting hacks and packing tips to awesome destination content.

This happy family loves off-piste exploring in ski resorts like Crested Butte, Colorado. Credit: @coloringthemap

7. Bring the Kids – @bring_the_kids

The Averetts are a family of 7 and are no strangers to travel. Favouring active, outdoor adventures, they have visited 40 countries as a family. As well as skiing and snow, scroll for mountain bike riding, kayaking and fishing. They love proving that you can still go wild with kids. Check out their blog to read about their trips and tips.

Snap a sneaky ski selfie on the snow! Credit: @bring_the_kids

8. The Big Ski Family – @thebigskifamily

You thought the Averett family was a big brood with 5 mini-skiers? The Johnson family takes the cake with 11 children. With every age category covered, they’ve got some great insights about skiing as a large family. Official family ski ambassadors, they host family ski days at select resorts on the US west coast and represent ski gear brands. Decked out in matching fluorescent yellow and pink day-glo onesies, this family of 13 would be hard to miss on the mountain!

That’s a lot of fluoro ski gear! Big families can ski too. Credit: @thebigskifamily

9. Snow Mama Life – @snowmamalife

Four active kids in a van – what could possibly go wrong? This mum of two boys and two girls captures the joy of #vanlife based in Hakuba, Japan. Together, the family love snowboarding and skateboarding, so they’ve got the whole year covered!

Check out this supermum shredding with a tiny tot in her arms! Credit: @snowmamalife

10. All Mountain Mamas – @allmtmamas

All Mountain Mamas is Vermont’s official community of families who ski. Covering off-season info as well, this ski Instagram account is your one-stop shop for local tips on making the most of winter and summer in the outdoors.

Learn tips and tricks from this community of Vermont ski families. Credit: @allmtmamas

11. Steamboat Springs, Colorado – @steamboatcolorado

This ski Instagram shows off America’s most family-friendly ski resort from all its best angles. Keep on top of hot deals, local news and the latest events, including Steamboat Springs 107th annual Winter Carnival. Don’t stop at Steamboat. Following the official pages of your family’s favourite resorts at home and abroad is a good way to fill your feed with snow-themed holiday inspo! Check out Whistler Blackcomb and La Plagne on Instagram.

Track deals, latest news and what’s on at major family-friendly ski resorts. Credit: @steamboatcolorado

Are you a family partial to snow sports? Know a family with a ski Instagram worthy of a mention? Get in touch and share your ski stories on our own Family Travel Instagram or on Facebook. We love a chat.


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