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Steep new Venice tourist tax announced

Day-trippers to Venice will now be charged 10 Euros to visit the famous sinking city.

Just days after Japan introduced a new tourist tax, Venice has followed suit.

Italy’s 2019 budget law has allowed Venice to charge a 10 Euro entry free to the historic centre as a way to fund restoration and maintenance efforts.

Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, broke the news via twitter this week. Needless to say, the re-tweets came flooding in.

Video | Contribution of #sbarco: a very important provision for #Venezia.
“It will help better manage the city, keep it clean, offer cutting-edge services to guests and make Venetians live more decorously.”

Tourist Tax is common around Italy and is charged on a nightly basis. However, this is the first tax we’ve seen formerly introduced for travellers stopping by just for the day. Visitors currently shell out up to 5 Euros per night to stay on the Venetian islands. In comparison, 10 Euros for a few hours seems a little steep.

Venice cruise

A gondola ride is essential for any visit to Venice. Picture: Shutterstock

The funds raised from the new Venice tourist tax will go toward maintaining the city’s tourist sights and accommodating the masses of tourists who visit each day.

The steep new tax could also act as a deterrent for some travellers. Though, it’s doubtful the Venetian government are too concerned. On average, 20 million tourists visit annually, and despite its steadily sinking foundations, these numbers show no sign of dropping.


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