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Top 5 nature escapes in Lake Macquarie

It’s one of Australia’s most treasured destinations for a reason. Stunning national parks, warm waters and beaches that stretch for miles. Lake Macquarie has a little piece of magic for everyone.

Here are Lake Macquarie’s top 5 nature escapes:

1. Gap Creek Falls

The Watagans Mountains are a perennial favourite of nature lovers, dotted with a myriad of walking trails, lookouts and campgrounds. Wander from the Gap Creek picnic area at the end of Bangalow Road through lush rainforest, past regal red cedars and a massive Illawarra flame tree, to the majestic Gap Creek Falls. Featuring a sheer 40-metre drop over a cliff face, it’s all the proof you need to see this is one of, if not the best ways, to reconnect and get back to nature.

2. Sunrise on Caves Beach

Early risers, this is your time to shine! Or, even if you’re not a morning person, we promise you it’s worth setting the alarm a little earlier for this one. Enjoy a breath-taking sunrise as the sun peeks over the horizon painting the sky with gorgeous hues of pink and orange. This glorious display of natural beauty, along with the sound of the ocean waves lapping the sandy shore will have you feeling like you’re a million miles away.

If you’re up for adventure, the Caves Beach Coastal Walk is a must on your list. This walking track links Caves Beach with the headland just south of Pinny Beach, giving spectacular views over the coastline and ocean. Be sure to keep a look out for passing Humpback and Southern Right Whales from May through to September.

silohuet of kids at sunrise at Caves Beach caves
If you can brave the early start, Caves Beach is spectacular at sunrise. Credit: Lake Macquarie Tourism

3. Lake Macquarie Sand Islands

Is your idea of heaven bobbing around beautiful blue waters, hopping from one white sandy island to another? And no, this is not Fiji we are talking about – it’s lovely Lake Macquarie. The Lake Macquarie Sand Islands are a firm favourite with the locals and it’s easy to see why. Whether you explore by boat or choose to swim, just clock onto island time and get lost in the tranquillity.

4. Glenrock State Conservation Area

Go green at Glenrock State Conservation Area and enjoy your breathing space. This place is nature’s playground, and if you pay it a visit, you’ll soon realise why. Enjoy beach activities, bushwalking, mountain bike riding, hang gliding and horse-riding, all while feasting on spectacular views along the way. Spanning over 500 hectares, this stunning landscape boasts headlands, beaches, rainforests and the picturesque Glenrock Lagoon.

mountain bike rider at Glenrock state conservation area

5. Redhead Bluff

In an idyllic location at the northerly end of a stunning nine-mile coastal stretch, Redhead Beach backs onto magnificent red cliffs and is renowned for its iconic shark tower. Head high on the headland to find one of Lake Macquarie’s most breath-taking lookouts, Redhead Bluff, the perfect spot to enjoy panoramic ocean views while taking a moment to block out all distractions – if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of passing whales!

 Man standing at Readhead Bluff, Lake Macquarie
The view from Redhead Bluff. Credit: supplied


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