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Kids picks: Unbelievable Bermuda for kids

Lillian has been travelling with her family since she was a baby. She has an impressive list of countries under her belt and a some hot tips to match. Here’s why she loves Bermuda.

Bermuda is a great place to go. From beaches to perfumeries, it is a fabulous place to take your family and a great way to be culturally enlightened. 

Snow cone in the town of St. Georges. © Lillian Chesak

My favourite thing that I did in Bermuda was when I got to visit Dolphin Quest dolphin sanctuary. I liked it so much because it’s fun for all ages and you get to interact with a form of wildlife that most people don’t get to see. Plus I got to kiss a dolphin!

I kissed a dolphin! © Lillian Chesak

Another great thing about the island is its historic background. There are cool forts and bases that you can tour that were used to protect the island from invaders.


Lillian observes the stunning waters from the wall of Fort St. Catherine. © Lillian Chesak

If you would ask me what my second favourite thing about Bermuda would be, I would definitely reply “The beaches!” My favourite beach was connected to a bar that had all sorts of boats and water bikes that you could use. My dad and I got a water bike and used it to paddle around the bay that the beach was in. The bar also had really good smoothies.

.Ready to ride! A bike tour departs Fort St. Catherine. © Lillian Chesak


Another beach I liked was Horseshoe Bay. I didn’t actually go swimming there, but I saw it and it was pretty cool. A great place to spend the day, thanks to the gorgeous beach, the protected water and a restaurant and swim shop.

In conclusion, Bermuda is a great place for vacation. It also is a great place to be in general, thanks to its beautiful beaches and historic lands. So next time you want to go on vacation, consider Bermuda as an amazing place to visit.

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