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5 ways to save time and money on travel

Want a holiday but not the stress or the expense? Kathy Sheeran is here to help.

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Kathy is an ‘online shopping guru’ and founder of To save money, she says you need to research and stay informed. Travel is no different. Saving money on holidays doesn’t mean forgoing experiences either.

Here are her five tips on how to enjoy a last-minute summer holiday without breaking the bank.

1) Cut back on holiday outfits

Buy your holiday outfits before your holiday, not during. The Australian dollar is not performing particularly well compared to other currencies, so whatever you buy is going to be more expensive.

I’m not saying don’t shop while overseas, we all love coming home with a few souvenirs, but with our weak dollar, you don’t want to come home to realise you could have bought it here cheaper.

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2) Use restaurant discount apps

Thanks to technology, you can enjoy the finest restaurants without the finer price tag. Apps such as The Fork and OpenTable have constant deals from amazing restaurants; offering discounts on meals or free beverages.

3) Search and save online

Paying full price whilst booking a holiday online should be seen as a thing of the past. 

The easiest way to save money on holidays is to buy a package deal. Family Travel has discounted holiday packages to keep the whole family entertained. By packaging your holiday you don’t have to worry as much about the details. It’s all done for you. From cruises to resorts, there really is something for everyone.

CASH REWARDS is Australia’s largest Cashback site and they offer actual Cashback on your bookings from retailers such as Expedia, Emirates and 

4) Free itineraries

Take the stress out of planning your daily activities with a free travel planning app. The Visit A City app takes the hard work out of planning your day to day activities, leaving you with more time to actually enjoy the holiday and save. The app shortlists the best attractions for you to visit and plans your day for you.

Hire car

Pick up a hire car at the airport. Picture: Shutterstock

5) Pre-book your hire car.

While it might seem practical using taxis or transport apps such as Uber it can be quite costly. Why not pre-book your car hire? Car hire is a more cost-effective way than paying for taxis and Ubers.

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