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Hawaii’s Perfect Playground

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hawaii’s tropical climate, warm waters, and welcoming spirit of aloha make it a natural combination for family vacations. Just ten minutes from bustling Waikiki, endless fun and play for travellers of all ages await at The Kahala Hotel & Resort.

Kids smiling for photo with arms linked at Kahala Beach

Sun, sand and smiles are guaranteed at The Kahala. Photo: The Kahala Hotel & Resort

‘Keiki’ is the Hawaiian word for child and forms the name of a very special club at The Kahala. The Keiki Club creates a perfect playground for little explorers, making the most of a vacation all while parents enjoy The Kahala. Offering a wide range of full and half-day activities for kids ages 5 to 12 daily, the Keiki Club engages young travellers beyond the typical kids’ club. Here’s how.

Hands-On Experiences

The Kahala’s secluded sandy beach with gentle waves create a safe base for outdoor activities like flying kites, catching crabs, or even learning how to surf near shore. Weekly guided excursions also give kids the opportunity to explore the island with trips to places like the Honolulu Zoo or Waikiki Aquarium.

Family paddling a kayak at the beach in front of Kahala Hotel & Resort

There are tonnes of fun water sports on offer at the Kahala. Photo: The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Interactive Learning

Far removed from the classroom, the Keiki Club gives kids a sense of place by teaching them about the environment, native animals, and more. Activities can include things from volcano experiments to nature scavenger hunts.

Understanding Hawaiian Culture

Aside from its pristine beaches and natural beauty, Hawaii’s vibrant culture and traditions create a unique experience that is meant to be shared. From ancient legends to dancing the hula and learning Hawaiian songs, the Keiko Club immerses its guests in everything Hawaii.

Kahala Resort kids playing ukulele

Kids can learn to play the ukulele together. Photo: The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Channeling Creativity

Just like the ancient Hawaiians were creators and builders, the Keiki Club gives kids the space to express themselves through creative projects like creating photo albums, postcards, or making baskets.

With new discoveries, experiences in nature and a glimpse into Hawaiian culture, kids leave The Kahala with much more than a souvenir.

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