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Flying taxis could soon be reality


Sick of sitting in traffic jams when you travel? Hate looking at ugly roads on the way to the hotel? Pretty soon, families will be able to book a flying taxi. 

The Vahana AlphaOne taxi is a recent innovation from Silicon Valley’s A3 by Airbus. And just last week they completed their first successful test run of a driver-less electronic flying taxi. 

The flying taxi completed its 60-second trial flight without a hitch, using only 8 percent of its energy capacity. 

Vahana AlphaOne follows success stories of other automated aircraft manufacturers from around the world. Earlier in February in China, government officials took flight in EHANG’s 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, and Californian Joby Aviation announced proposals for its eVTOL model.

The common goals of these international projects are optimising safety features, efficiency and landing procedures. The hope is that the self-piloted craft will eventually operate on city circuits with designated pick-up and drop-off points for passengers.

Ride-share provider Uber is jumping on board, confident that flying taxis will be a reality in major metropolises in the next five years. With more and more prototypes popping up, it certainly looks like the prospect of aerial commutes is no longer stuck in Sci-Fi movies.

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